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Originally Posted by HawkeyeCB View Post
Wah, wah, wah.

Tampa's Bay's first line winger is 5'8. Big ****ing whoop.

Let me explain a little something to you.

Our useless small 1st line center had 60 points in his first full season. How many players in history have got 60 points in their first full NHL season? Let's look at Olli Jokinen. Big guy. Centre. Didn't score 60+ points until his 5th full season.

Then there is a stat called +/-.

Our small useless 1st line center was a +10.

By golly, what does that mean Captain Awesome?

It means he was on the ice for 10 more ES goals scored for than against, mister penguin.

HOLY CRAP! You mean to tell me our first line small useless center scored 60 points in his first season, wins more than 50% of his puck battles, drives to the front of the net, and scored more goals than the opposition?

Yes, I do mean to tell you that.

Bah, useless. He's short! GET RID OF HIM! SIZE IS WHAT MATTERS!!!!

Okay, you convinced me. Hey Laraque, want to play center for the Habs?!

PS. If the best QB in the world was 5'9, talent wise, and you passed on him because of his size, you're stupid. You make things work around him if that's the case.

I can't wait till Desharnais scores a PPG (or very close to it) this season and you come back with "he's short, trade him!" lol.
Our problem has been DEPTH along with the lack of size down the middle. Do you not watch the games? Where do you think the "soft" and "smurf" monikers came from?

Habs have been perceived as soft for many years now and it had NOTHING to do with the lack of depth.

No one called DD useless. I also am not that impressed with his point totals. He played with 2 big, 30 goal wingers. The same thing people are saying about Parenteau.

How does Laraque even enter into this conversation? There's so much hyperbole and straw man in this post I don't even know what to say.

You would be laughed out of the building if you drafted a 5'9 QB. You keep trying to reinvent the wheel with your small centermen. Yes, DD will somehow break the mold and be an elite 1st line centerman.

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