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Originally Posted by helicecopter View Post
there are two separate kind of reasons why i'd like Prokhorkin to stay a bit more in Russia.

Nikolay is still a raw prospect. Playing in KHL you have more time to make plays, you have more time to try to 'do your things' (the ones that made you succesful against junior competition). In the AHL i fear he would play more conservative, would be encouraged to make the safe play time after time. And if you haven't learnt yet how to be a consistent offensive threat against men, you won't feel 'safe' when making a creative play, or trying to beat the defender 1on1, or holding onto the puck a little more.. I think a Euro player needs to be already confident in his offensive game vs men to be able to use it in the N.A. pro-game.

The second matter is, raw prospects should get their focus as much as possible on refining their hockey skills while they're not yet the finished product.
Going overseas for a 18yrs old Russian means having to face A LOT of inputs and new problematics on and off the ice, altogether. Focus then often shifts from refining hockey skills to adapting to a new life and a new game (I guess adapting to the NA game can be seen as refining hockey 'skills', but that's not what i mean here).

So the best scenario imo would be him playing regularly top 9 minutes in Russia for at least a year.

Then again, there are no guarantees that would happen considering CSKA is bringin in some new players; and there is always the risk he might sign a longer contract there, so i can see why the Kings fans hope for him to cross the ocean as soon as possible.

btw, if playing in the AHL next year would he be able to attend the 2013 WJC?
Ok, that makes some sense. I have no idea of the dynamics of a Russian player coming to NA to play hockey, but it seems to make sense from a Kings point of view to get him over here for either the AHL or CHL.

Thanks for the input.

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