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06-24-2012, 09:08 PM
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Cash For Nash...

The simpler way to look at it... if you use the Richards trade as an example.

If we assume that Richards and Nash are roughly equals in terms of impact on a game (within the proximity of each other at least). Then you have to look at the dollars and age and understand that the terms you're getting Richards is considerably more favorable than in which you're getting Nash.

The question is: how much different?

In reality: It's 2 mil in cap space/year. And 3 prime years.

If Nash is traded to a contender, those 3 prime years make a big difference. At 28, he has a window of 3 or 4 prime years (perhaps the Stanley Cup contention window). Whereas, with Richards at 25 - it's 6-7 years.

That's potentially double the amount of prime years to contend.

Thus, I'd argue the value of Richards (and his contract) is not only 2 million dollars cheaper but potentially twice as good in regards to age.

So, again, how much do you lower the price for Nash to correct for that? You might argue nothing. But I would argue... something. I would not make the same trade for Richards at 25 than I would Nash at 28. I just wouldn't. And so while Miller is not Schenn - he's projected as 2nd/3rd line center. And a 1st in next round's draft is considerably better than the last pick of the 2nd round in 2012.

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