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Originally Posted by WJG View Post
Gustavsson was my preference for a back up goalie, but to be honest I don't like giving up anything (even a 7th) for him. I just feel like he's not that much better than the other back up goalies available on the market.

I'm also not sure he's interested in signing another NHL contract at all. He was a "monster" in the SEL but he hasn't done much at all in the NHL. Does he want to be relegated to back up status for the rest of his career, or does he return home to the SEL? I think it's a toss up.
It makes a lot of sense in regards to the situation Chevy is in. One RFA goalie with a hard-bargaining (******) agent like Walsh, and the other a UFA the Jets org. didnt show much faith in pretty much all last season?

By offering a conditional 7th round draft pick for signing rights of Gustavvson, Chevy really kills two birds with one stone: #1 being the chance of obtaining a more capable back up goalie and backdoor escape option if Pavs really does go to the KHL. #2 is an instant and palpable bargaining chip to use against Walsh.

If Chevy can get some sort of edge with this, and ends up signing Pavs, AND ends up wanting to keep Mason, no harm done... we dont sign Gusto and we dont lose a 7th round pick. If we do end up signing Gusto, we lose a 7th round pick in an admittedly stacked draft... but as said earlier, we already have 2 earlier picks thanks to the Oduya trade. We also have the opportunity to accumulate more draft picks by trading future UFAs in Hainsey, Antro, and others.

And oh well, even if we do sign Gusto and he's a bust... we can use him to beat/slap TML in the face next season.

PS: I think with a much more friendly environment, less personal issues, and non-Allaire goal coach, Gusto can come around... maybe (very optimistic) give Pav a run for his money. And there's no way he's not waiting for a chance to turn his game around in the NHL. Going back to Europe would be a last resort for him.

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