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06-24-2012, 10:12 PM
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Originally Posted by PanHandler View Post
Thanks for all the advice guys!. This bolded part really helped. I didnt want to jump on ahead of someone or steal a shift. I think i get it now. Basically just watch and learn
Yeah NHL players will have coaches standing behind that can tap them when they're up next to jump the boards (or however that works), but in beer league/rec/pickup hockey you just form a line towards the gate.

For shift link some people will say 45-60 seconds, but really that's more for higher level competitive hockey. For a more casual league you're probably looking at 60-90 seconds, always keeping an eye on your line mates to make sure you get off at the same time. Drop in games can have much longer shifts depending on how many players there are and no set lines. If there's only like 2 or 3 subs on the bench, the tempo of the game will drop a lot and shift times can climb to like 3-5 minutes.

In organized hockey really the only thing you don't want to do is be the guy that doesn't change with his linemates and stays out there several minutes because you're 'not tired', but the main reason you aren't tired is because you're floating around without any hustle on the ice. You don't have to be completely gun-ho, we're not playing for the Stanley Cup here, but when you jump on the ice if you keep skating hard on your shift then you're going to want to come off after 60-90 seconds.

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