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Originally Posted by Rapid eye movemenT View Post
Technically a player that plays in 5D + can't play in E level at all. The 3 level rule is supposed to apply post E level. That said, only a few guys are ever told they can't play. Usually its when they score 3,342 goals in a 16 game season. Then he might be asked to move up.

Actually, there is a separate rule for E. While Tyler's almost never enforced the 3 division rule, 2 seasons ago Tyler sent out an email to the Captains that he would be enforcing some rules in E. He specified that 4D and 5D players could play as low as EEE, but not 4E. Anyone 3D or above could not play anywhere in E. He then moved most of the E level teams with C and B players up to 5D and 4D. This was a good thing, as having some B level players playing in EE and EEE was ridiculous.

This current season, he moved the 4E division down to 5E, so maybe 4E is eligible for 4D/5D players now where it wasn't before.

Also since then, he's pretty much relaxed the rule. There's quite a few DD and DDD players playing in the E's, even though technically they're not eligible.

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