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06-24-2012, 10:27 PM
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Originally Posted by SCP Guy View Post
Why would Gus sign when he is one week away from the open market? He might as well see what the other offers will be. Not that there will be a bunch of teams hot and heavy for him but he might as well check right?
Very true, which is why I like how Chevy handled this. He gained signing rights of him by trading a conditional 7th round pick... to start that at least shows some interest/faith in the guy; and gives us a jump start on discussing negotiations with his agent. On top of that, Winnipeg is a pretty good organization for projects like him (IMO). As fans, we're not going to be extremely hard on the guy if he makes a fair share of mistakes (unlike the TML). The organization is also (from what I've read/heard) pretty slated on players/goaltenders playing their own way, which is one of the major problems he had with Allaire. We also have the issue with Pavs maybe going to the KHL, which at a worst case scenario puts Gusto between the pipes as a probable #1. And like you said, not many teams (if any) are going to be hot and heavy for him. Seems like a pretty decent fit on both sides IMO.

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