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06-24-2012, 11:48 PM
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I do have a bit of a hard time seeing either DD or Eller switch position honestly. I think that if all goes well for both of them, in a good team I would see Eller as a 2nd center that can put up some offense and be assigned against the opposing team's top line, while DD could be assigned as the center of an offensive 3rd line, and I don't mean that to say that DD is a 3rd line center the way most people think about it.

I think that DD should have the same role as Brière in Philly had behind Richards and Carter. Basically being sheltered and put in offensive situations to create a mismatch where his line will be much better offensively than the other in front, and used on the PP. I think that DD is going to be a great point producer, but that he will need to be sheltered from the opposing top line, I think he will get killed against elite players that are 6'2-6'4, but that doesn't mean he can't be a very valuable part of a team and actually put up a lot of points if used properly.

And I think that Galchenyuk is meant to become our #1 center. It kinda leaves Pleky out, but honestly I would be in no rush to do anything, especially since I consider Plekanec to actually be a very good center too, at this point definitely our best all-around, but he needs wingers that can play his style, which is a transition game, Plek is amazing on the rush and in 2v1 situations, and he's good at creating these opportunities, but he needs players that can keep up in speed and have the finishing touch required.

Galchenyuk won't be our first line center before 3 years likely. Eller might need time to be our #2 too, and DD while I believe in him has to put up numbers for 2-3 years in the league to be sure he can fill the bill.

Basically, let things play out. It's a luxury to have too many good centers, and if they each manage to fill the role they're meant to, then at worse we'll have one good piece of trading material. Any talk about one of them being a bust or not managing to do his role, saying DD is a flash in the pan or that Eller is a 3rd line winger is just ridiculous at this point though. At Eller's age, Plek and DD were not even in the NHL. And there's no reason to think that DD cannot repeat what he just did, considering it was his FIRST full year, it's not like he had 3 horrible years and suddenly had a good one. Just be patient...

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