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06-24-2012, 10:55 PM
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Originally Posted by Hansen Brother View Post
I agree Meuller's injury history is concerning but I think we would take Sidney Crosby if we could and he suffered a similiar injury.

Meuller certainly seems to have the ability to put up points as demonstrated by his rookie year. His progression actually makes me think of Wheeler, the difference being the concussions.

If you don't like his game that's fine, but I'd sure like if you'd explain why. I was just hunting around to make a trade and watched some clips which doesn't tell the whole story. From what I saw he seems to have be a big strong guy with decent speed and a good shot.
Don't personally disagree with using a Burns-type return as a basis, though as Huffer said I'd also expect much better in return, especially from the main piece. In my opinion Mueller is a bit of a floater at times, he doesn't demonstrate enough commitment in all zones. Your own mileage may vary and if so, cool.

Not a Mueller fan in the first place, and his injury history is far too big a red flag when considering an exchange for the Jets best trade bait. Now if he was a throw-in alongside a deal for Matt Duchene, then fine; if we had to take him in order to acquire MD then I'd find something for him either here or elsewhere.

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