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06-25-2012, 12:12 AM
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Originally Posted by Prussian_Blue View Post
My money's on Austin Aries; can't see how he would not get a major push in the coming months.
Aries isn't even in the BFG series so you may want to put your money away, fortunately he's already been getting a big push in recent times and is continuing to do so. Looks like he's going to get that elevation without needing it to come from the BFG series which is great.

I'm sure he will lose to Roode and we'll hear "OMG WORST BOOKING DECISION IN HISTORY THIS IS WHY THIS COMPANY WILL NEVER COMPETE WITH WWE" or something equally stupid.

It is nice that they found a way to elevate the X Division title despite the fact that Aries is basically throwing it away. Obviously the World Title should be > all but it was still going to be kind of lame for him to just give it up, but now with the Aries clause or whatever they'll call it, it makes the X Division title worth even more.

HOPEFULLY when A Double vacates the X Division title, they use it as an opportunity to rebuild the X Division properly with a good tournament, bringing in a couple of new faces. That would be ideal.

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