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06-25-2012, 12:36 AM
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Originally Posted by Malkin4Top6Wingerz View Post
How many true checking lines can you even name? Unless you consider lines with players like Kesler, Richards, and Bergeron 'checking lines', which I don't because they are also scoring lines, who are you talking about? I seriously doubt you can name but a handful of teams that employ their third liners to face the opposition's most talented offensive players. It just doesn't happen like it used to.
Why do you talk in absolutes? Third line = checking line? Richards, Bergeron, Kesler lines = scoring lines?

Their roles and assignments can change from game to game, series to series. This isn't some new style of hockey that just came about after the lockout.

Ron Francis and his line would flip flop constantly between a checking and scoring line, yet he didn't play much as a third pivot.

Not sure why you only equate third liners with a checking line. Odd.

I assume you mean Bylsma
Yep, changed it right before you posted. Shero is on my mind for obvious reasons.

and absolutely they did - at least when they didn't have last change. Are you seriously claiming that Staal didn't affect the matchups Sid and Geno got? FFS you saw it almost every game. You also saw it on display in the Flyers series where Giroux played against Staal on the road and Crosby at home. I don't understand why we're even debating this.
You again spoke in absolutes. Staal's presence could only control the matchups to a certain degree. Stating that Staal always kept the tougher assignments away from Crosby and Malkin is total BS. And he most certainly didn't control the pivotal blueline matchups.

The fact is, if Staal is there or not, teams will do everything in their power to get their top checking line and best pairings agt C/M. No coach in his right mind would allow those two to exploit weaker matchups.

Furthermore, BS will more than likely draw Staal's old assignments, which makes the entire argument a moot point.

They're both extremely critical matchups. I don't care how good Weber and Suter are. Put them in front of a 4th line that can't get the puck out of the zone or create offense and they're going to hemmohrage scoring chances against. Staal taking away the other team's most dominant puck possession / scoring lines has been a huge factor in the success of Crosby and Malkin. Fortunately Sutter can step into that role and I believe will perform admirably there.
You are making my case for me. As I said, no coach will let Crosby and Malkin exploit a favorable matchup. They will make changes on the fly if need be, they cant afford not to. Exactly how many times do you see a 4th line matched up agt those two? Not too often unless DB can sneak them on quickly.

We both agree BS should fill Staal's checking line role, so I have no idea where your worries stem from.

But it's not invest in defense vs invest in 3rd line pivot. It's invest in top 4 defenseman vs invest in 3rd line pivot. Quite a large difference when you phrase it appropriately.
So how many GMs would choose the latter over the former?

You should probably acknowledge that Staal was probably the only Penguin who shouldn't feel embarrassed after the Philly series.
You may want to check how many goals he was on the ice for. He scored some goals, but his defense left a lot to be desired (making it a total team "effort" and one he shouldn't be exonerated from because of his offensive game).

We have some solid assets, but I don't know if I see a centerpiece in a deal for one of the young impact players rumored to be on the market. Do you?
We never heard Neal or Kunitz were on the market. Besides, they don't need a Bobby Ryan or Rick Nash to be successful. Just a legit top 6 guy or two.

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