Thread: Confirmed with Link: Wings sign Damien Brunner (1 year for $925K)
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06-25-2012, 01:47 AM
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Originally Posted by gowings4013 View Post
People thought Franzen would be a checking line player, and he is now the best goal scorer on the Wings. Your statement is very broad, doesn't always work like that. What players are you talking about specifically?
I figured Franzen would be the first one brought up. He's the exception, but really even he isn't. I'm saying, what do we see in some 4th line jobbers that makes us think some transformation will happen and they'll develop this Sakic wrister? I guarantee Mule could score before and just needed something to click. He showed the signs. He had the talent if you knew what to look for. Notice the signs. Most can't and that's why it comes off to the masses as "random".

If you think Sheahan is going to turn into some notable goal scorer you're crazy. Players are what they are by the time they get here. It's not about linear development, it's about a player being what he is. Like Darren Helm will have the wrist shot fairy show up at his house this offseason or something.

For example Jonathan Ericsson is a completely different player then he was when he was drafted.
No he's not. You could make a case for Franzen but Ericsson definitely is not. Has he improved? Sure, players improve. But he didn't acquire anything he didn't already have(no matter how much we piled on him). Which is what we talk about like that's something common. And Eaves? Cleary and Eaves don't make much sense, either. They are who they were. They didn't lose or gain any skills, they're the same damn player. People will take offense and really it's a forum so I don't care, but we just don't know hockey as well as we think we do. Everyone plays pretend expert, everyone knows everything, and we all sound like a bunch of schmucks who never even learned to skate trying to play armchair scout. Players don't magically acquire good shots, or bursts of speed or hands. They make better judgment calls, better decisions, gain experience, but the skill set that defines their physical abilities was defined well before now.

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