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Originally Posted by smoneil View Post
So in order for Nash to score, he needs to go to the Rangers who can't score because only there can Nash get the help he needs to score... It's like sending a virgin from the marching band to the chess club because he's sure to have better luck getting laid there...
Great line. And very true.

As for addressing scoring, there are many ways to approach. It's not like we were in the bottom half of the league. And it's not like we couldn't get those timely goals. That said, what killed us all year (and added up by the ECF) was a complete inability to put teams away. Rarely did we go enter the 3rd period with a 2 goal lead.

To me, the best way to accomplish this, is by having a moderately effective power play. That would be 20-30 more goals right there - and would equal Nash or Ryan without needing to make an expensive trade or signing.

1 - We must hire a full-time coach for the power play that works on it every week with the team.

2 - We need a true PP QB. Del Zotto hasn't fully grown into this role yet. Erixon, McDonagh, Staal won't be much better. In the interim, we need a vet D like Dan Boyle who can come in for a year or two and make a real difference back there. The D might only score 8 goals, but a more lethal power play would make us a real tough team to beat. Crap, Jagr for a year could greatly help us there too. If I remember correctly, Sykora wasn't too bad on the PP as well.

I believe fixing the power play would be a better thing to focus on than a 4 for 1 trade for Rick Nash.

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