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06-25-2012, 05:08 AM
Change is good.
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Originally Posted by Ola View Post
I don't think it necessary is about "addressing scoring" seen over a full season either.

The problem is that we are extremely up and down in games. If the team we play against can handle our forecheck -- we get nothing going. We are horrible. Then over the course of a full game, we start to break teams down and very few could stand up against us for 60 minutes.

Getting one more talented forward is all about becoming better over the course of 60 minutes. To be able to create atleast something during long early stretches when we can't get a hold of the team we are playing against on the forecheck.

So we need a player that can win offensive momentum for us, by himself basically. That's my analyses at least. And the reason for why I have a big problem every time someone say that we need a "sniper" and that like a Teemu Selanne would do. Our problem is not that we dominate but can't put the puck in the net. Our problem is that we for long stretches/entire games against teams that do well against us, fail to get much offense going.

Getting a forward that every time he steps on the ice will be a threat on the ice and push the other team back, that's what we need more than anything else.

I agree on the importance of fixing the PP. And I am not sold on that Nash could fix it (like I've said a thousand times atleast, we really would need a left handed play maker down low that Brad Richards could work with). Gaborik can just not figure the PP out. He is pretty clueless on the PP (or not modern at least). Nash might, Nash might not. I think he would be a little bit more of the same to be honest.

But a line with Nash-Stepan-Callahan would definitely give us another dimension 5 on 5. As a one-man-force, Nash is definitely among the top 4-5 in the game. Nash is a player that every team in this league talks about when playing Columbus. He is a player you always make sure to have your best D on the ice against. And he is not a player like Gaborik who does not have much of a impact inbetween the 4-5 scoring chances he gets per game, no, Nash gets the puck up ice. He protects it down low and creates scoring chances. And we really need that.

Yeah, there seem to be two sides on here on the Nash debate. But in reality, I wonder if we aren't pretty much in concensus but the diffrent sides are looking at Nash from diffrent perspetives. One side would love to get Nash if Howson gets back to earth and takes a fair offer (and post about that), the other side think it would suck to get Nash if it ment giving up 5 core players lol (and post about that).
Great post, Ola. I agree 100% with everything you wrote.

I just wish those in the anti-Nash camp would read the very end of your post before we get another 10 pages of the same argument chasing its tail. Other than 1 or 2 posters on the board, ALL of us in favor of Nash (or Ryan) are only in favor of acquiring him for reasonable returns that include no more than 1, maybe 2 (depending on who the 2 are), roster players.

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