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Originally Posted by Malkin4Top6Wingerz View Post
I realize they can be both, and that they absolutely are. I just don't consider them a checking line in the sense that their teams are also using them strength on strength. Having Staal allows us to shelter Sid and Geno from at least one bad matchup, whether it be the forward line or the defensive pair. It's almost always the forward line, of course.
Well as we both agreed, BS can fulfill that role as well.

I never once said the word always. That would be impossible. It happened extremely often on home ice, however, and I don't think it's a coincidence that Sid and Geno have dramatically better numbers at home than on the road.
That isn't a stat I am aware of, but I've always felt both Crosby and Malkin play very well on the road.

When you don't have last change AND have both Crosby and Malkin to defend against, those two will absolutely reap the benefits of that. There's only so much coaches can realistically do, try as they might.
Of course, but the best coaches know how to manipulate matchups in their favor on the road (Bowman in particular was a master at this). It goes without saying that the deeper you get into the playoffs, the more elite the coaching becomes. If your coach can't manipulate matchups without the last change, your team isn't going very far.

Anybody can be given a role. It's how you perform in it that matters. Staal drew those assignments and managed to come out ahead. I'm not sure Sutter can do that quite yet. If he can then we just robbed Carolina blind.
I have yet to read anything negative about him that makes me think he can't play a shutdown role. So why not view the glass as half full until otherwise proven wrong?

It actually happens more than you'd think. But yeah, the majority of that ice time is up against second and third lines - a pretty significant advantage still.
Perhaps agt avg coaching in the regular season, but the best coaches in the league will severely limit how often a 4th line is out agt Crosby and Malkin (unless he prefers coaching elsewhere).

He'll fill the role, that doesn't mean he'll fill Staal's shoes. And I wouldn't say that I'm worried, it's just about acknowledging Staal's worth to this team.
I think we have both acknowledged Staal's worth. However, this team will not be lost at sea without him. He isn't Malkin or Crosby.

Seeing as how the third line center in question is Jordan Staal, I'd say all of them.
As I said this was a discussion moving fwd, really. I can easily see the point of Staal's value to the team throughout his current contract, but now it is time to move on.

So if you give said GMs both Crosby and Malkin, then the scenario of having to sign Staal to a 6m+ deal, I think many would feel it is best to start building around Crosby and Malkin, while moving Staal for assets.

Fleury stopping 80% of shots didn't help matters any. In any case, Staal was our best player against the Flyers along with Neal. I certainly wouldn't use that series to make the case that we're better off without him.
Well I didn't use the Flyer series as a case to say the team is better off without him. I said he deserves blame just like his teammates for atrocious coverage in his own end. He blew a ton of assignments that lead to goals, which isn't something he normally does. The tape doesn't lie.

Fair point, but Gogo and Whitney were established top 4 offensive defenseman. As much as I like Despres I don't see any team confident enough to trade a big piece of their team if it's centered around him. Perhaps at the deadline after Despres shows more in the NHL.
A team may be willing to trade a fwd prospect who is NHL ready for Despres, or as I said, a good, but not elite top six guy. We simply have no clue who Shero can grab, but he has the assets and cap space, so I prefer to look at that as a big positive.

Maybe he drops the ball, but I look at the unlimited possibilities he has now to improve the team and I feel confident Shero will make the right moves to improve this team over last season.

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