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06-25-2012, 08:25 AM
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going to put in my two cents here... and not whether or not colorado would be smart to pick up thomas cause who knows? they dont really seem like a legit playoff contender to me anyhow and if iw as them id probably be trying to get the best pick i could.

as for whether thomas should be dealt for a bag of pucks right now though i will speak on. first of all, we got lots of cap room to keep him for the summer. there is a new cba coming. there is no way this rule was meant to punish situations like thomas. he was signed to a contract in good faith. this rule is meant for guys that are signed with foresight that they are going to walk away.

thomas has completely blindsided boston after boston gave him his money upfront as a favor to him and a ntc for the first part of the deal so they would have an option to deal him for assets at the end of the deal.

and the players dont want the clause to effect guys like this either... thomas is clogging up the cap and costing them money too.

so if the owners dont want it.. and the players dont want it... then its entirely possible to me that saner heads will prevail and this clause will be rewritten in the new cba.

if that happens... then go ahead and suspend thomas so he can care for family. its the humanitarian thing to do to give him the time off he needs. but retain his rights and deal him when he gets that problem solved. if he ever does come back then he should owe boston another year of service and boston should be allowed to trade him at that time for whatever the market thinks hes worth.

if i was boston... i wouldnt move him before we need to. alot of our cap room is tied up in bonus money to guys like seguin. we are allowed to exceed the cap max if its bonus money. wait till the new cba gets signed then firesale thomas if necessary but keep him for now imo

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