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Originally Posted by Ohashi_Jouzu View Post
He didn't outscore those guys; he got more points. All of those guys (and Plekanec, for that matter, despite far inferior opportunity) scored more goals (in most cases, WAY more goals). If you're talking about points (meaning assists, too), well, that's obviously where the linemate factor (and having legit - meaning relatively independent of who their centre is - 30 goal scorers on both sides) makes a difference.
Scoring has been long referred to as "scoring points (goals and assists)" as well. If you didn't know what I meant by that, I don't know what to tell you.

Legit 30-goal scorers? Oh right, I forgot Erik Cole scored 30 once In his career back in 2005. He only set a career high in goals this season, but DD had nothing to do with that (despite Cole saying he did).

I guess Getzlaf playing with Perry constitutes as a poor linemate. Poor Getzlaf.

Originally Posted by Ohashi_Jouzu
So Desharnais was the best centre Patches played with in the minors? Well, that quote means even less to me now, then.
Pacioretty had already played in the NHL - with guys like Koivu, Kovalev, and others to name a few when he stated that Desharnais was the best player he'd ever played with.

He's also said it a few times this season (as well as Cole & Cammalleri praising him).

But if you want to twist my words around to make your point, feel free.

Originally Posted by Ohashi_Jouzu
Well, as long as they're together, MaxPac and Cole will take DD as high as they can. They like each other, and I'm sure they'll have fun along the way. The flip side of that, though, is I think DD is the limiting factor in just how good that line can be. I know you don't agree, but I don't care. If they turn DD into a PPG player over an entire season, and other lines are contributing regularly, then fine, the plan is working. I suspect there is going to be a point this season, though, where "all of a sudden" DD will find that he's not getting as much space, isn't getting forgotten about as much, and sees his production (and that of his linemates) go down via diminished distribution of the puck through the middle, and finds himself without the necessary tools to deal with that much focus/attention, and struggle to remain as productive as some of the more optimistic forecasts around here. Would be cool if I'm wrong.
Limiting the line of how good they can be? Cole sure was awesome before being put with DD.

And we've already went through that stage where he had no room. Now, he's become confident enough that when he's on the ice, he runs the game at his pace. He can speed up and slow down a game just like Markov.

And fine, put DD on a line with Bourque and Gionta. When that line becomes our best scoring line, come back at me with some new material that Desharnais will prove wrong.

I don't see what this kid has to do to prove to some people that he's the real deal and then some.

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