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06-25-2012, 09:03 AM
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Originally Posted by allan5oh View Post
Like I said on the other board I don't see the value in Wilson unless he can replace Little. We have a glut of 2-4 line C's.
Part of the reason I personally like Wilson is that I'd like to increase the size of some of our centres.

Plus, I don't think you can ever go wrong with having a lot of quality centres. Especially when some of your centres can also play wing. I think a team that has guys playing wing that can also play centre is a nice thing to have as it can give you flexibility in terms of line combination's, as well as in injury situations. Plus, while some natural centres can play wing, it's not often that natural wingers can go over to centre.

In that regard, if the Jets got a guy like Wilson I could see in the future Scheifele and Wilson being the 1-2 punch down the middle, and Little and Burmistrov being moved to wing.


This is from Paradise in the Wilson to Wpg or TO thread:

Enstrom + Klingberg + pick (2013 3rd)


Wilson + Watson + Blum

Under the caveat that Enstrom is not staying here, I think something like this helps us out now, and in the future.

Wilson can be a big body in the middle, and can be paired with Scheifele in the future as our 1-2 punch. We could either have Burmistrov on the wing and have Watson as the 3rd C, or move Watson to the wing and have Burmistrov as the 3rd C. Blum could be brought along on the bottom pair and could possibly be a top 4 player in a few years.

2 / 3 years out:

Kane - Wilson - Wheeler
Ladd - Scheifele - Little
Telegin - Watson - Burmistrov
Cormier - Slater - Machacek

3C's with size, 3 scoring lines and a checking line. Not tonnes of size, but Kane, Wilson, Wheeler (to an extent), Ladd, Telegin, and Watson could probably handle themselves, and I wouldn't be worried about anyone on the 4th line.

The problem on D would be that all of our potential top 4 guys at that time are RHD (Bogo, Buff, Blum, Postma, Trouba), so some guys either need to play on their off side, or we would have to acquire some guys to play LD.

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