Thread: News Article: Ryan hopes to be traded to Flyers
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06-25-2012, 10:14 AM
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Originally Posted by Hardnell View Post
some of the 'circumstances' here are actually direct evidence... outlawyered
Not sure where you went to law school but evidence that requires inferences to be drawn (i.e. past dealings and vague assertions) is circumstantial evidence.

EDIT: From Am. Jur. Evidence:

TERM: circumstantial evidence.

TEXT: Facts and circumstances surrounding a transaction from which the jury or trier of the fact may infer other connected facts which reasonably follow, according to the common experience of mankind.

AUTHORITY: 29 Am J2d Ev 264.
TERM: direct evidence.

TEXT: Proof which speaks directly to the issue, requiring no support by other evidence; proof in testimony out of the witness' own knowledge, as distinguished from evidence of circumstances from which inferences must be drawn if it is to have probative effect.

AUTHORITY: 29 Am J2d Ev 264.

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