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06-25-2012, 10:55 AM
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Originally Posted by Canadian North View Post
The negative to my student loan is that it's a bank loan, and I dropped out before graduation. Just realized that I wasn't doing what I wanted to do, and figured it wasn't worth wasting another 5-10 thousand dollars on. I'm not sure that I'd qualify for tax relief. I paid off my MC already, but my Visa still carries a good $900 or so, which really sucks. I get a lot of pressure from my aunt on the loan. She's my co-signer.

Looking to join flight crew. Get a chance to fly, and get a foot in the door with them for when I finish my maintenance degree. I did baggage handling and ramp services for them for a year while I worked for Servisair, but it's not really the same as being an actual employee.
Oh for sure, if you want to work in the airline industry it's probably better to get on with the airline as opposed to working for Servisair.

As for the student loan thing if you used the money to go to school you can definitely claim it on your taxes. If the bank doesn't send you an annual statement you can most definitely ask them for one and claim the amount paid in interest on your annual taxes.

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