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Originally Posted by Grant McCagg View Post
Good reply WS. I end up getting a bit frustrated on here at times with all the shots scouts and teams get about not taking this guy or that the person posting knows way more than the guys being paid to do it. I've been guilty of it in the past myself, but iIve learned with time that I don't get them all right whether I'm doing this for a living or just as a hobby..nobody does.

One of the things that makes Trevor such a good head scout is that he's not bullheaded and inflexible...he will change his mind about a player. Samuelsson's a good example..early in the year our first draft list with McKeen's had Samuelsson in the top 30..he told me we were way off...he saw him playing for Modo and he was playing like crap...Nystrom looked better.

I saw Sammy later in the year when he first went to Edmonton, and told Trevor I thought he was wrong about Sammy...that I liked what i saw even if his skating needed some work. By the end of the year Trevor had him in his first round,,,not because I told him liked him, but because he kept an open mind and went back to see him a few times and changed his mind on him.
Grant, that is great insight. I fully agree on Sammy, as he was not all that impressive when he first came over from Sweden. However, by the end of the season and into the playoffs, he was a lot better player even with his sluggish skating at times. He and Lazar were very, very good in the playoffs, when St Croix and two of the 20 years olds sort of went into hiding for a while. In addition to contributing on offense, they were also the guys that Coach Laxdal went to in the last minute of a close game.

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