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Originally Posted by Rschmitz View Post
What frustrates me is that even though he was high on our list, why not deal down if you think other teams are going to be scared off by his injury? With forsberg, grig, and tt on the board, you have to assume some teams were calling yzerman in order to move up. Worst case scenario you just select the next player on your list.

Its different if you think cuckoo is a top 5 pick and fell to you, but that doesnt seem to be the case.
Well first of all, we don't know if Yzerman was getting any good offers for the 10th.

Secondly, we also don't know who other teams are planning on picking. Koekkoek might not have been highly ranked on most outsider's scouting reports, but other teams might have had him as highly rated as Tampa did(plenty of teams went off the board for their picks). He was obviously the team's #1 choice of the remaining players, so why risk not being able to pick him either by trading down?

How many interviews have any of us had with any prospects? How many of their games have we been to and scouted them?

We can all pick who we think would be good prospects, but when it comes down to it we know absolutely nothing compared to a NHL team's scouts. Second guessing their choices before any of these kids have even played a single pro game is kind of foolish.

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