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Originally Posted by No Fun Shogun View Post
Yotes and that's it at this point, imho.

Columbus just got an arena financing deal done, alleviating a lot of their structural financial issues.

New Jersey's issues are merely from owner problems and debt from the arena, not with the viability of a franchise in that market.

Florida isn't on the chopping block, despite what many have said in a million places, as they're an important part of an overall real estate development plan that is making money for their owners.

Isles look like they're more interested in biting the bullet and playing in Barclays over moving elsewhere. Plus, if memory serves, when discussions of Wang potentially selling have come up, there have been several interested parties in keeping them on Long Island, even if they move into the city itself.

Dallas is in an odd situation, but for the life of me I just don't see them moving.

So that really only leaves the Yotes for the foreseeable future, which is one of the reasons why I've often said that fans that want teams in QC or Seattle or Hamilton or Markham or KC or Houston or wherever better be hoping that the league is planning an expansion in the near future as is being rumored in a few circles, as that's likely their best and only chance for a long while.
Expansion is coming i am sure. When the news of the Mayor of Quebec City meeting with Bettman came out a few years ago, Daly and Bettman when they talked on TV and Radio said often that expansion is in the cards. I believe it will be a tool to use for the NHL in the next CBA talks.

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