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06-25-2012, 12:45 PM
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Originally Posted by nycbruins View Post
Even if you believe Thomas is definitely taking a year off, if the cap stays as high as $70.3 million, there will be quite a few teams lining up to take the cap hit off the Bruins' hands. But it might take all summer to figure out because there's still a chance the new CBA brings the cap limit down.

But uninformed posters love acting all incredulous when they have no idea what they're talking about, so have at it if it makes you happy.

But for team that either are losing money or not spending to what has become a really high floor ($54.3 million as of now), then it would be awesome to have your floor lowered $5 million without spending a dime, which is what Thomas represents right now.

And if he decides to come back? Oh, poor you. You have one of the best goalies in the world for only $3 million cash, or a great trade asset. So if you you don't want to upset poor Varlamov (who's not very good in the 1st place), then trade Thomas to an Eastern contender that the Bruins wouldn't have traded his rights to originally.

But I can see why you guys are really worried about Varlamov's psyche. He's an overrated, mediocre goalie that your management team threw away 2 picks, including 11th overall, for, and then overpaid him. So I guess you have to jump in with both feet defending him, but most of us know you'll be looking for another goalie soon enough, or over-defending one of your prospects as untouchable. Seen it too many times before with too many teams' fanbases.

As a Bruins fan, I'm starting to lean more towards keeping Thomas' rights, using Savvy's LTIR exemption and seeing how Tuukka plays as #1 and how Thomas' attitude changes as the season goes on. Unless there's an opportunity to packahge Timmy's K with a prospect like Caron to get an older winger for 1 year from a budget team that wants to shed salary and still reach the floor (hello Dallas & Brenden Morrow?)
Yikes, you guys are going way overboard here. If Thomas is such a valuable trade asset I don't understand why we're on the fourth page of Bruins fans trying to pawn him off on us. This idea that Colorado needs every dollar to make the cap floor is pervasive, but not actually true, and we have a young starting goalie with a capable veteran backup (as has also be iterated over and over). Don't really know what ground you have to stand on acting high-and-mighty over "incredulous, uniformed posters", as you obviously didn't see Varlamov play very much last year (maybe just when he shut out the defending cup champs in the second game of the season, and the only meeting between the two teams).

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