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11-29-2003, 06:34 AM
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Originally Posted by dedalus
"Setting up the Lindros goal"? Please. Lindros plugged home a rebound. I know you're desperate to make veterans appear better than they actually are in your campaign against Lundmark, but let's not pretend that Hlavac hit #88 with a Gretzkyesque pass, shall we? Your position is already ludicrous without adding to it by creating fictions.

Hlavac has 8 points this season for Lundmark's 5.
Hlavac has played 2 more game this season.
Hlavac averages 2 more minutes of ice time in every game.
Hlavac averages 1:30 more power play time/game than Lundmark.
Hlavac has played with second line talent since the beginning of the season, while Lundmark has fluctuated across lines and spent the majority of his time on the fourth line.

With all of these advantages, Hlavac has managed to muster a fat three point difference in scoring, so please don't waste my time telling me that he has earned his minutes by his superior production over Lundmark.
Not sure how the Hlavac argument is supposed to help or hurt lundmark. Hlavac in general has sucked this year (and the last two years for that matter). However, he has picked up his play recently and seems to be playing with a little more enthusiasm. As for Lundmark, the general issue (in my humble opinion) is that he really hasn't done anything either ... so even if Hlavac has been bad (which i don't disagree with) Lundmark has been bad as well ... and apparently, sather is more willing to live with Hlavac's bad play on the second line than Lundmark's bad play on the fourth line ...

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