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A couple of things the OP misses.

Re: SIze: I think organization needs has a much to do about drafting a player with size vs one with skill and this plays a role on who gets drafted where.

Re: Late vs Early: an organization's scouting ability has as much to do with finding successful NHLer as does where they're picked. I'd take a mid-late pick by Hakan Andersson over a mid-early pick by Howson any day. I'd also like to point out that since Gordie Clark has been running the draft, 2nd rounders have been equally as valuable as firsts and in total he's having more success outside the 1st round than in it.

Re: One player per draft: Though this is the statistical league average and I'd agree with the concept of 1 is a good draft, more is great, a Team's ability to draft late is directly linked to the quality of their scouting staff, the number of scouts hired, and their prospect development program. All three of those things take money, that's outside the cap. Some teams have lots of money and spend it well, others have no money and struggle even if they had a small group on quality scouts. Without a proper scouting program, they just can't cover the same area required. The world is a big place and there are a lot of young players it. There's a reason why Hakan grabs gems late, no one else has seen them play in rural areas in Europe. There's also a direct connection between the Rangers being more involved in their prospect development, i.e. development camps and traverse city and their above average ability to produce NHL players per draft.

And finally, there's nothing wrong with people getting excited about the potential of the number of NHLers that we'll see from a draft. It's part of the reason why we follow prospects. Really, who cares about the guy who's never going to make it. We care about the potential, whether they achieve it is something else. I thought the 08 drat had the potential to produce 3-4 NHLers. 2 have become solid players, another is cracking the lineup in Vancouver and two more are still kicking around though will more likely become regular KHLers. Still, both Kundratek and Grachev certainly could have been taken in the 2nd round over players like Kugryshev and Mestery. The only reason why they weren't was because of the organizational need or what they thought about the player. Not necessarily their actual sckillset which is what most people are refering two they say "they're a higher rounder". Drafting is about getting it right about the player, filling organizational need and helping the prospect succeed.

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