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Originally Posted by WeridAl View Post
Just what the Oilers need a D that doesn't like to hit, has had less then 50hts per year the last 2 years. He'll end up as a 5/6 D on the Oilers, because he'll not replace Schultz or Smid. Oilers need a top pairing D not another 2nd or 3rd pairing. Hawk fans will say he's better then Schultz and Smid, but he doesn't come close to amount of shots blocked and hits Smid and Schultz give out. He only played the PK and the Hawks PK was 27th in the league last year. Also 3.5mil is a little pricey for a 3rd pairing D unless your TO.
I hate the Oilers and I hate the Hawks. I hate them equally.
Hjalmarsson IS better than Smid ...and a bit better than Schultz imo.

No one overrates players like EDM fans do on here. If guys like Smid Schultz Petry Gagner were as good as oiler fans think they are...then they wouldnt have picked 1ST overall 3 years in a row HAHAHAH

In response to the trade offer made a few posts up.
Hjalmarsson < Gagner + MPS
Hawks would have to add something....nothing substantial..but they'd have to add...maybe a 2nd? or frolik? not sure.

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