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06-25-2012, 04:42 PM
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Originally Posted by Buddy The Elf View Post
I have a hard time believing there will be a long lockout or one at all. How can the owners OR players claim wrong doing when both parties agreed to the last deal. Find out what is working and what isn't and make a resolution quick because any work stoppage is going to be catastrophic for the league. The few millions they argue about and hold out for could turn into 100's of millions in a blink of an eye if they go down that road again. It will be both the players and the owners losing money when the fans don't come back.
egos get in the way of negotiations. would you rather be looked at as the "loser" or the guy who stood up for "what he believed in". a lockout wouldn't surprise me.

I wish they just got rid of guaranteed contracts. Players want to keep the status quo? Then keep everything as it is, but take out guaranteed contracts. That's where all the issues seem to come from

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