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Originally Posted by pensfansince88 View Post
does anyone know exactly how it works? like, do we have to schedule times to play each other every day? or is it computer ai simulated? or do we have a certain number of days to play a certain number of games? either way im super glad to join because all i do besides 6v6 OTP is GM Mode and doing it with real people sounds like way more fun. yeah i read the info page but parts of it left me still not quite understanding.
If they DO base it like NBA.

Basically the league advances a day every few hours(I think it's 8 on NBA), all games within a certain time frame of that day will be available for you to play. You can sim against computers or play them, human games sit and stagnate until you play them OR the league advances past that day(If you have a game on November 3rd, then on November 4th the game will be simmed if you haven't played it).

Edit: Just read that and realized how little sense it probably makes to someone whose never played Association before. . I can explain it differently if you'd like.

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