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06-25-2012, 06:51 PM
Cyclones Rock
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The NHL averaged 5.32 goals per game this past season. That's 2.66 goals per game per team.

Points are very hard to generate in today's NHL. Haphazardly changing the position of players like DD who have shown that they can generate points in this very difficult scoring environment is a very risky undertaking.

Not too many players can generate .6 ppg anymore. In the NHL in 2011-12 only 112 players generated 48 points or more. All postions, all utilizations, all everything. That is only 3.7 players per team. DD generated 60 points and there were only 58 players-2 per NHL team-who generated that many.

Rational decision making would preclude tinkering with a position that a highly successful player point generator has been playing for some hypothetical "potential" scenario.

There's some context for some of you to chew on.

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