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04-11-2006, 11:03 AM
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Actually no

Originally Posted by Charlie_Girl
If the situation were reversed, and Angelidis kicked Bolland, would you feel that 4 games was too much? 4 games has been the standard for making a kicking motion.

There is no way that the kick was the result of the linesman swinging him around -- he may not have known he was going to make contact with Angelidis, but he definitely kicked.

I have to say that I'm surprised though... but I guess Mr. Branch really had no choice in this matter.
The deadly pirouette skate slap. Quite frankly, regardless of who it was getting this penalty, I wouldn't believe that 4 games was warranted by any stretch. I might have been less sympathetic, as Owen Sound fans (and some others) have been, but it would be baloney regardless.

I have watched this replay so many times I am sick of it, but clearly he is being turned around on one foot by the linesman. You can discount it all you want to but the linesman spun him around, period. To say it played no role in the incident is just wrong.

The quote from Angelidis in itself is quite hilarious today. He was hit by a "laser shot" to the crotch, "but I'm okay". The man should have more self respect than to lie like that. He was so severely affected by this "laser shot to the crotch" his first inclination was to gesture to the refs. The degree of contact was trivial. Meanwhile Koverko hits Kostitsyn in the face with a stick, draws blood, and gets 4 minutes with 1:46 left to play. So tell me that those standards make any sense whatsever. An "automatic" penalty without considering all the circumstances is senseless.

The Owen Sound strategy has been pretty obvious. Gang up on the best players with cheap shots and see what happens, just like Angelidis did with a cross check. So why didn't the linesman grab him? All this stuff after the whistles too. All the league is doing is telling these guys it is okay to do that. So why bother to have tighter enforcement of the rules if this stuff goes unchecked. They are actually rewarded for it.

Anyway what is done is done. We'll see what happens from here.

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