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06-25-2012, 06:58 PM
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Originally Posted by Quattro View Post
sounds like your main concern with the current CBA is that it allows Jarret Stoll to make more money than YOU think he is worth - lol
Is that what you take from it? I just think this contract is a perfect example of what is wrong with the CBA. Guy signs a contract amount as a 2nd liner, four years later he signs for the same amount as a 3rd liner (with some thinking he took an 800k a year discount). This is going on all over the league, it's salary inflation that can't be sustained by teams already swimming in red ink.

The last thing the league wants is a lockout, it would be a pr nightmare and they really may lose any casual fans they have left. The fact that both sides are preparing for this (cancelled rookie camps, cancelled Euro openers etc) should tell you just how bad the system really is. The league pretty much has no choice but to either get the HRI closer or below 50/50, the cap lowered or a rollback on salaries.

But if you want to just think this is me with a vendetta against a certain player and don't wish to discuss the issue go right ahead. there are plenty of other players you can replace Stoll with that have ridiculous contracts for what they bring to the table, and it's only going to be uglier a week from now. Especially with certain teams being forced to overpay because they have a gun to their head to reach the salary floor.

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