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06-25-2012, 08:44 PM
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Originally Posted by seanlinden View Post
Something for Leafs fans to consider before throwing Connolly into proposals... the guy is a playmaker, in the purest sense, two of his biggest problems last year were that he rarely played with guys who could put the puck in the net or had the size to protect it in the corners.

You look at the Leafs group of forwards now with the addition of JvR, and they have 5 guys who can reasonably be expected to score 20+ goals... and that excludes Phil Kessel who can reasonably be expected to score 35+. Between Kessel, Grabovski, MacArthur, Lupul, Kulemin, and Van Riemsdyk, there's a lot of players who need the puck in shooting position, and only 1 centre in the group.

Unless Lombardi is going to step up and all of a sudden show that he has high end offensive ability, the Leafs are probably best served with Connolly and letting Colborne be the #1 callup when somebody gets hurt.
With Connolly everybody just looks at the salary and gets upset. Even last season many fans were upset with and everything always came back to his salary. But he only cost us cap space that we weren't using anywhere and can't be carried forward to the following year.

I challenge people to find tell me where else they'd have used the cap space that Connolly and even Lombardi took up last year without having to give up assets and in the case of Lombardi actually gaining a useful asset in Franson?

The Leafs still had lots of cap space to make deals by the deadline. Acquiring UFAs also normally requires overpaying UFAs especially if your not a very good team so I don't understand why Burke gets so much crap for doing the same thing that Buffalo did with Leino, Edmonton did with Hemsky, the Blue Jackets did with Wiz. If anything Burke is smarter than some of his GM counterparts cause he only signed Connolly to a very short term.

It's great to say just get rid of Connolly but if any team needs him this season it's the Leafs.

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