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Originally Posted by TheLegendkiller View Post
They'll be more. The 2nd season gets crazy.

I saw ******* yesterday, randomly.
But seriously one of the most ridiculous Sundays of my life. First I woke up at 9:30 to go to brunch with a bunch of people at a bar. Drank like 8 mimosas. Hit on girls at like 12:20pm, then watched the gay parade. Then went to drink at my friend’s pool in their apartment. Met these girls at the pool. We all chilled together. A ridiculous amount of sex related things happened, (some girl had some dude go down on her, not at the pool but upstairs, one of our friends went on a date and said she needed sex so she was gonna **** her date, one of my friends wanted me to invite my friend Lisa cause he wanted sex, one of the girls wanted to invite her friend Monica to **** me, and some girl grabbed my buddies dick for no reason.)
Then at dinner one of the girls we were with showed everybody her *******, annnd my friend Nicole sexually harassed at least 5 girls yesterday, told everybody her bf doesn’t go down on her, and that she wanted to buy a vibrator. One of the other girls said to her, “I give you mine.”
All on a ****ing Sunday.
Just got done the last episode and I'll put this in spoilers as to not ruin it for anyone else..

They did a perfect job wrapping up the series (or season if they decide to extend it which I don't think they will). I didn't expect the killers to be Terry and Jamie. Those two did everything for the congressman and the larsen family. They did a pretty good job keeping those two in a good light throughout the show.

I wasn't sure about the Native American people with the ending. Did the chief know about the murder and was trying to cover it up? Or was she trying to protect her land and keep the cops from accessing her land to find anything else illegal? With the ending scene with the mayor and her, I believe it would be the latter one.

Another question I have is what did Stan do at Bennett's house when he was there with the ladder probably fixing something up? They never really explained it so i guess it didn't matter much to the plot.

You see them bringing it back for another season or more?

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