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That Heika article is one of the worst he's ever written. I considered breaking it down line by line but I just don't care enough.
Originally Posted by Bench View Post
Our greatest hopes and dreams are if he's even a shadow of Niko Kapanen.
I don't like the Kapanen comparison. Niko's greatest attribute was his vision which is Wandell's biggest weakness.

What's more, Wandell's presence blocks precisely no one. There's no top-9 forward who is banging down the door like Dillon is on defense. Who's the closest? Maybe Fraser -- a scoring winger not known for his defense or skating. So the polar opposite of Wandell. Glennie? Needs more time, not known for defense. R. Smith? Scoring winger who probably needs more time... etc.

Wandell is cheap, versatile, and still has some potential. I'm sure the Stars can find a way to tolerate his presence on the roster. Or if not, waive him.

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