Thread: News Article: Ryan hopes to be traded to Flyers
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06-25-2012, 09:12 PM
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Originally Posted by DrinkFightFlyers View Post
You don't see a huge difference between a guy scoring 30+ goals in his first four years (one of those years being only 64 games) and a guy topping out at 27 goals in his first three years? The points being 57, 64, 71, 57 vs. 37, 55, and 39 through 60 games. 24 players in the NHL scored at least 31 goals (Ryan's career low). 49 scored between 27 (Neal's high) and 21 (his total when traded). I haven't checked because it would be a lot of time, but but just from eyeballing the list of 31+ goal scorers, at least eight of them HAVE NOT done it four times in their career, let alone in a row. So that leaves 16 players currently in the NHL (at the most, because like I said I didn't check everyone's stats for the past four years) who have scored 31+ goals four times in the last four years. But yeah I guess that's no big deal. A kid who consistently scores in the mid 20s, like all those other players, is about the same.
I only compared the first 2 years because thats all you really have to compare it to. You can't say 39 through 60 and say thats what he had, Pitt traded for him halfway through that year expecting that production to continue he had a rough transition there had he not been traded he most likely would have continued on that pace. Ryans 71 point season he scored 4 more goals then previous years, but its also the same year Perry won MVP and he was on a line with them the majority of that year. And don't tell me he didn't play with them then, because he did. That whole year he averaged almost 21 minutes of ice time without 1st line PP time. Last year he didn't and his numbers returned to what he did the prior 2 seasons. 57 points again. No I don't see the difference I see a good player who will give you between 55 and 60 points and 30 Goals. And When I look at Neal I see the same thing.

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