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Originally Posted by Ceux de Montreal View Post
I'm a bit surprised, I thought there was many more Lars Eller enthusiasts on this board.

He will form a fantastic 1-2 punch with Galchenyuk in ~four years. Louis Leblanc will have to be moved to the wing, and Plekanec or Desharnais will get traded. Down the road, he will be a 2nd line center. Not a third liner. Here or elsewhere.

He is fantastic along the boards, and he have a nice pair of hands. He just get a bit nervous with the puck, but it seems his mind is 100% focused on hockey - just like DD. He will become a constant 20 goals, 50 points.
I think a few of us are just tired of re-explaining the same old thing to the same usual mouth-breathers. If it isn't in the G/A/TP columns, most just stop reading there anyway . Kid played with scrubs almost the entire year and still managed to pull 16 goals out of his ass.

It's funny, the first year people were on him about passing too much. He decides to start shooting more instead of bouncing pucks off blunden or bourque or whoever and now has no vision or passing ability . Not to mention that he got very little PP time, but still holds the 2nd most P/60 (behind desharnais) and 2nd most g/60 (behind cole) at 5 v 4. It's a small sample, but it was infuriating how Gomez kept getting shoved in there, getting almost 4x as much PP time as Eller despite showing less hustle, tenacity and production. Imagine he had Gomez' PP time, is there anyone here who would really argue that him getting 20 goals or another 10 points would have been improbable?

As for your projection of the lineup in a few years, I already consider Leblanc as 'moved to the wing'. I don't think he has the offensive creativity to dish the puck like Desharnais or Eller do. Love him on the wing, though. As for who gets traded, if Eller continues to progress, I can see him overtaking Pleks as being an ideal 2nd line centre who can eat the tough minutes and still produce, while Galchenyuk Can feast on the 2nd toughest matchups. I would love DD in a Danny Brière role. Lots of PP time, tons of soft minutes with good depth scorers on his wing. He could kill it out there if he keeps improving and we give him the wingers to succeed.

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