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06-25-2012, 11:05 PM
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I have been in the supplement game for a few years and I participate in a few bodybuilding/powerlifting/supplement forums (or whatever you want to call them) and I research all this. Honestly you really wont notice too much of a difference if you take creatine pre or post workout, in the morning, or at night. As long as you take it daily it will keep your muscles saturated and benefit you. Go to supplementreviews and ask those guys questions, tell them your goals and where you are now. They will help you out, its a great forum and very very helpful. As for pre workout supplements I have tried around 10 (random guess) and Noxipro is my favorite and it is one of the cheapest per serving. Post workout nutrition can be more important as you want to consume protein and carbs immeadetly post workout to help your muscles recover. Most do not use intra workout supplements, but many swear by them for stamina and recovery. Like I said, just go hit up supplementreviews, those guys can help you with anything exercise or supplement related. You are more than welcome to pm me with any questions too.

Edit: I understand I am advertising another forum in my post and its probably against the rules, but it is 100% not related to hockey and I am not trying to advertise the website, just trying to help out.

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