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Originally Posted by jBuds View Post
I thought I was ****ing crazy for thinking exactly as above. I see zero benefit in Vermont, sorry.

Just was unsure if he could do a one-and-done in the CHL. That would be my personal preference. Get him a year at that level and take it from there. So what if he needs two. There's no way he jumps from Catamount directly to Sabre. So Vermont, even for a year, delays his NHL debut by two years minimum.

There's a part of me that wants him under Rolston. McCabe again, too, after hearing the kid interview. Mature beyond his years for sure.
He can one-and-done Kelowna or any other WHL team (if he goes that route) because he wasn't drafted out of the CHL and thus isn't subject to the CHL-NHL agreement.
If he didn't make the Sabres at 19, they could send him back to the WHL or down to the AHL and would be able to call him up at any time.
They'd get a couple free development years too, as his contract wouldn't count at 18 or 19 unless he played ten NHL games in a season.

I think he could jump to the NHL after one season in college, but players usually hit a wall because they just aren't used to the grind of the NHL season.
He's not going to be doing anything of note in the post-season with Vermont, so he'd be playing about half as many games as if he played in the WHL.
Plus, he'd have a chance to go much further in the post-season, as Kelowna is not only one of the best programs in the WHL, but in the whole CHL.

He really has nothing to accomplish at Vermont as he doesn't have glaring weaknesses.
He needs to gain back the weight that he lost after having his jaw wired shut, but that can be done in the WHL.
The biggest things for him are focusing on the offensive and physical side of his game, adjusting to the speed of the game in a league that plays more of a pro style, and playing lots of games.
Vermont really fulfills none of those.

I want nothing to do with him in the AHL.
Teenagers don't belong there and there aren't many cases to compare to, but the most recent cases are guys like D'Amigo, Filatov, Morin, Pirri, and Tatar.
None of them have had any impact in NHL and were probably better off staying in college or juniors.
Teams are under the impression that AHL > CHL or NCAA just because there are older players, but the AHL doesn't have the expertise or resources that the other two have to correctly handle teenagers.

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