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11-29-2003, 08:46 AM
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your right, every team in the league has to put up with the same thing.....but if you sit with a fan of another team and watch one of their games you will here complaining about the refs. if you are a vancouver fan, you complain everytime betuzzi gets mauled...if you are a st. louis fan its tkuchuk, calgary iginla, pittsburgh lemeuix......i could keep going with every team but i see no point. to me the only point is that there is too much obstruction, the term defense has drastically changed (for the worse) and that if all the leagues superstars complain, and if past greats such as lafluer, mario, gretzky, on, say the game isnt fun to watch anymore than i feel as a fan i have legitamate reasons to have a beef with the nhl officials if i choose to.

i dont care what city you watch a game in, you will always hear fans *****ing about refs, or finding "other" reasons why their team lost. its not only boston fans, toronto fans...ect.

jeff dont preach to me....state your opinions, but you not tell me how to feel or react to a loss or win by the team i support. just as you are entitled to your opinion the rest of us are entitled to ours. im sure i am not alone when i say this. i am a diehard bruins fan and if i want to ***** about obviously bad refs win or lose i will and i dont want to have someone else telling my to stop whinning, or complaining, ill do what i want.

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