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06-26-2012, 12:50 AM
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holy crap... i just picked up a "entry" bauer setup and wow... it was like learning to skate, at least for the first 5 minutes

I'm glad my wife made me pick up some elbow pads, I wrapped my shin pads over my sweats and gaver a go..

this is a non-rockered setup, and the normal stride is pretty much the same, however I do find that crossovers and tight turns to be slightly different...
I give the edge to the tight turns to my holder which has the rear wheel (an 80mm recessed a bit) but I have no other option to rocker my skates

now, stopping/transitions... there is no such thing and I've learnt hard
honestly speed control is my biggest enemy and all I can do is use a "t-stop" and a heel to heel turn...

without being able to quickly stop and go, I would imagine that you either have to have a perfect tape to tape pass in a real game, OR you always space it out just far enough to skate to, but never room for mistake for the latter

without being able to hockey stop or transition, I think that it does hurt the game in manyaways, however if you are just dinking around with some buddies and heck just keeping the legs in shape... inline is alot of fun

any recommendations on what wheels to buy to properly mimic a hockey skate with a 9 foot radius? ffs... it feels like all my weight is on my heels

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