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04-11-2006, 02:18 PM
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Originally Posted by Jester
good ones... except:

Janne Niinamaa was a trade to acquire some bulk along the blue line in the form of Dan McGillis... and Niinamaa hasn't exactly been an all-star since leaving philly.

the Washington trade was "panic" if you want to describe "panic" as act of necessity. when you lose your top TWO centermen in one night while in a playoff race, it is mildly important that you acquire someone to replace them if you want to compete. not to mention the fact that as much as people harped about how much we gave up in that deal... it didn't turn into much of anything on the other end, and i believe the pick that we acquired turned into Picard.

bad gamble, all that was. Prospal had a grand total of 18 pts at that point and Clarke was taking a flyer on a guy with a lot of skill in Daigle... he just didn't have the heart for the game. that trade was also one to bring some speed into the lineup as well. Daigle is just a bizarre player... the season before that trade Daigle had put up 26-25-51... which remains his career high in points. not gonna take Clarke to the coals for that trade.

Agreed that the Oates trade was kind of a necessity, especially when we lost our top two centers in one game. The only reason we went so high with Oates was that at the time, Chicago was aparently offering Kyle Calder and a first for Oates. Clarke upped the ante big time. Besides, I think the first round choice that draft year was used to select Martin Vagner and we all know how Maxime Ouellette turned out.

As for the Daigle trade, the other poster should get it right. It was Daigle for Pat Falloon, Vaclav Prospal and a second round choice. I think the pick that year was either Chris Kelly (who is a damn fine defensive forward for the Sens) or Chris Bala. I think Clarke kind of jumped the gun there on dealing Prospal and there were several vets on the team who weren't happy with that deal at all. Funny thing is that Daigle and Chris Gratton were our best players in the playoffs that year (an opening round loss to Buffalo).

As for Niiniimaa, I think that was a huge mistake. He was a great puck carrying defenseman. We didn't need Dan McGillis. That trade was made during the infamous "we need size on the backend" era. I think Niinimaa would have had an all star career had he remained in Philadelphia. And contrary to belief, Niinimaa was great in Edmonton. It wasn't until he got to Long Island that he started to stink up the joint. However, you play someone with Eric Cairns and I'm sure that they'll stink up the joint too.

I think the biggest thing this team needs is to make no more deals for the next year or two. I'm serious about that as well. There is always high turnover with this team year to year. I think it's time to stand pat, wait to see what everyone can do when they're healthy before making any more deals.

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