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Originally Posted by TheLegendkiller View Post
So nobody has to read spoliers:

So basically this is what I thought. Stan used the ladder to fix a broken lightbulb on Bennett’s porch. Remember it was blinking on and off earlier, Stan replaced it for them. I also think Chief Jackson is just a ***** and we’ll probably see her again. I also think the new police chief they hired wasn’t trying to cover up the murder but more of got specific orders from whoever gave him the job to just “Close down the case now.” To just squash it as soon as possible so nothing would be found out. I doubt he knew who killed Rosie but I think he was participating in just shutting down the case to avoid anymore bad publicity.
I also think the show is coming back, remember they kept saying “season finally” and not “series finale”. The show is called the killing so it can be about whatever murder they want, doesn’t necessarily have to end with Rosie.
Makes sense about the light.. And I agree about the police chief.. When he first got the job, he seemed to be in on it but as the season progressed, he was shown to be just following orders even if he didn't know what he was doing..

And I feel like the show was too good with the first two seasons that it would be a problem to replicate it as many people would probably figure out who the killer is pretty early on since they seem to give that person(s) a lot of on screen time

Now for other matters :

I wish I was rich enough to pay people a million dollars to fight

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