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Originally Posted by Justinov View Post
Being undersized is generally a huge problem playing in north america....with rampant concussions. You need the luck to avoid injury to get yourself established. So Blugers has to stay healthy. Haralds (without the ending -s it's one of the most commen old viking age danish/norwegian king names) Egle looks promising, but so did Kirill Starkov at that age. Anything can yet happen, and big injuries at teenage years can be devestating for developement.

For Denmark it's definitely Oliver Bjørkstrand (that played on the Herning baby line with big brother Patrick (now Mora) and Thomas Spelling): I think it's 1994-1995 born that can be drafted next year right?

So almost certain:
Oliver Bjørkstrand (1995):
His stats are really amazing considering he was playing with adults on the Herning squad at his age. Pretty good U18 and U20 stats as well for Denmark.....close dual losses to Latvia send us down both places!

Kristoffer Lauridsen (1994)
This guy has really been under the radar and then he did amazingly well at the U20 WC -> I mean 5 Matches 4G/4A while Denmark was being trashed by most teams (and better than Thomas Spelling that's 1 year older)!

Mads Eller (1995)
Brother of Lars Eller so that gives some hopes of talent. But in my opinion he really underperformed at U18 and U20. So this year it will be seen if he can break out or not at the U18 level.

For draft in 2014 we have Nikolaj Ehlers (1996).
Absurd good stats for playing U20 when you are 15-16 years old!

So all in all I would probably think that at least 1 danish draft in 2013 and 1 in 2014.
Wow that bjorkstrand guy looks real good where in draft would you project him? 1st round 2 round? Overall?
But regarding Blugers hes not THAT undersized hes 6`0 or for us europeans thats 183 cm,its not like hes a midget, im just saying he looks kinda small next to the Zemgus"Big Z" Girgensons.
on topic of egle- i think hes the best 2014 draft eligble player after rihards bukarts,he looks promising,hope he goes the same way girgensons did,anyway for latvia in 2013 it could 1-2 drafted in later rounds and in 2014 3-4 guys in first rounds (hope bukarts will be a first rounder)

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