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Originally Posted by Helo View Post
Wow that bjorkstrand guy looks real good where in draft would you project him? 1st round 2 round? Overall?
But regarding Blugers hes not THAT undersized hes 6`0 or for us europeans thats 183 cm,its not like hes a midget, im just saying he looks kinda small next to the Zemgus"Big Z" Girgensons.
on topic of egle- i think hes the best 2014 draft eligble player after rihards bukarts,he looks promising,hope he goes the same way girgensons did,anyway for latvia in 2013 it could 1-2 drafted in later rounds and in 2014 3-4 guys in first rounds (hope bukarts will be a first rounder)
Ah OK...Blugers as 1.83 - just like Frans Nielsen. It's still probably the lower margin where NHL coaches starts to wonder if it's worth it. Nielsen is very prone to injuries because of his small size, but had so far avoided really bad ones (thats Regin's department with 3 time dislocated shoulder). Zemgus goes at 14'th because of his size......been smaller he would probably have gone 2'nd round on same skill level.

So Latvia really has it going the next must be really really exited for 2014...seems like early 1990's again?!
Im just happy that Denmark seems to be able to produce 1 NHL draftee every year in average.

I would think Oliver Bjørkstrand probably could go as 2-3 round pick because of size (only 1.80). Frans Nielsen and Peter Regin only went 3'rd round.
Hopefully he will still grow some. But big brother Patrick only made 1.84 cm.
If Nicolai Ehlers continue his development he could definitely go first round! But at that age you don't have any idea if what his size will be. (can't find any current stats on his height or weight)

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