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06-26-2012, 07:49 AM
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For those who want to sit Puempel think of it this way:

What value does he provide to you if he sits?

What hapened when Watson when home to sit?

What will happen to the CHL/NHL agreement eventually if all there draftees are sent home to sit when they are looking for a trade?

If he sits he has no value at all to the Petes. he is not contributing on the ice and the Petes are getting no assets. He becomes a wasted asset.

Watson went home to sit, his value dropped and the Petes got stuck with a lowball offer for him. If they would have dealt him quicker they likely would have had a better offer. Waitig to the deadline when the player is sitting put the Petes in a position of weakness. He's not returning and you only have a few days to deal him. Do you want your team to go through that again?

CHL/NHL agreement would likely change if the NHL begins to feel that their draftees are not being developed. The NHl has absolutely no financial incentive to send players back after the draft. Yes they have agreed to but what does it do for them?

They pay JR. teams to develop the kids for them.
They do not have access to kids drafted from the CHL until they are in their OA year or they can crack the NHL roster.

Every other kid they draft can be signed and assigned to the AHL/ECHL or where ever they wish to send them. They can easily remedy that situation if teams are not going to co operate with them when they draft kids. The agreement is there but can be changed pretty easily if the NHL feels the CHL is not doing it's part to develop the kids for them.

All that being said I agree with the poster who says they want to see something more concrete about Puempel demanding a trade. I don't know if he has or hasn't but until there is public information then it is all basically speculation. If someone has an inside scoop that's great but while some have said it is the case no one has really supported it. They may or may not be correct but until there is something more concrete to support the information it is hard to accept at face value.

Personally I think he stays with the Petes.

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