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06-26-2012, 08:48 AM
Opposite George = GM
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While I may at times imply its a walk in the park to be an NHL coach since hockey is such a simple game, managing stars cannot be easy at all. They are paid. They have little incentive to bust their humps in the regular season. They own the room, and the fans.

Will they (ok Ovi) give their all and do what you say, or not. If not, then what? I hope George learned he can't just sit back, and let it set the team back for 5 years.

What is best for Ovi. A players coach, friends with the players, a warm and fuzzy time for all? Dale tried the Bowman route - related to Ovi... I think Dale had decent results. Ovi scored his goals in very limited TOI. Put hate and boredom aside, how did Dale do managing Ovi? While I wanted ENG chances and more TOI, he still got decent production from him. And humbled him, taught him D doesn't stand for Drink time! maybe paved the way for the next coach to have it easier. Maybe??

Someone in between is probably best. But then you walk a fine line.

The new coach, it may be more than about experience, resume, all that crap. It's, what is he going to do with Ovi?

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