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06-26-2012, 10:36 AM
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What prompted the thought was this girl who was ridiculously good on the other team...when she was playing her knees almost touched her chest and her arms in front of her. Super quick skater, very smooth.

I'm thinking she might have been a little TOO low in terms of her torso, but her back was flat. Regardless of your knees, if your hips are tucked, you can only "get low" if you hunch at your back, which is bad. But if the hips are back, you can "get low" with a flat back.

Just sitting in my chair, I'm thinking about the hip position. If I stand up 1-2 inches off the chair (knees bent) with my torso vertical, it puts a lot of strain on the legs. Probably because the center of gravity is behind the knees. If I put my hips back and stand up 1-2 inches, my shoulders/head are over my knees. I can actually balance with no strain on the legs with that position.

My gut is telling me that, especially at our lower levels, most skaters bend the knees from a standing up straight position, which places strain on the knee, then to "get low" they bend from the waist, not the hips, which places strain on the lower back. This probably explains why my lower back and knees are sore. Then as these parts get more and more fatigued, you stand up straighter and lose your power and get tired.

My gut again is telling me I should probably get some skates in where my hips are back, back is flat, and center of gravity is over the knees. Just looking for some validation.

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