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Originally Posted by AndyPipkin View Post
Excuse me, but I've probably been watching MMA longer then you have. I have every UFC and Pride dvd and have been an MMA fan before the UFC was around....

The Rock used to be one of my favs. I loved watching him fight, but time and time again he's lost because he would hang back. Yes I know he's a counter puncher, but that really doesn't matter when you get caught with a big shot before you can counter.
Originally Posted by AndyPipkin View Post
^ Sorry if that came off as sounding *******, but I am no TUF noob.

I've watched most of Rizzo's UFC KO's live(At home lol).
Oh no worries, I actually thought afterwards that my post came off as ******* and wished I had worded it differently. I didn't mean to sound snobby by asking if you watched prior to 2005 but was actually serious because there are a lot of new fans who don't realize how good Rizzo used to be. And yes, I agree that Rizzo often left a lot to be desired by not being aggressive enough.

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