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11-29-2003, 09:29 AM
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Originally Posted by Kvashinator12
that the deal will benefit both teams. With Mogilny out for a while, they get a goal scorer in return although he is streaky, he battles hard every night. Peca we know what he brings, although this team is stacked at center I believe that he would help open up possibilities for toronto to make a deal for another Dman. Timmander is pretty solid, i have no idea why he is in the minors right now.

The islanders get another big guy with potential, who has show glimpses of greatness. I would like to try and get him and Kvasha to play together and maybe they would both stay motivated on a consistent basis. It is a big risk because of injuries to the two main cogs in the deal, but I think it would work. As for Harrison I like him a lot, and I know how you feel about trading Cola(whom i think personally is gonna be a star), but a 2nd would do as well. I think the Isles might overpay a bit, but I think both teams would benefit from this deal.
I do not think that the Isles can take anymore risks. Too many of the deals MM has accepted risk on have not turned out well.